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Guayaquil – Rent a Car RentaMotors, is a company that provides car rental services in Guayaquil.

Our wide range of comfortable vehicles and in excellent mechanical conditions, will make you have an unforgettable trip with your family and friends. 

By making an Auto Rental with us we will provide you with the best rental service, at affortable prices, our desire is to make your visit to Ecuador the most pleasant experience you have ever enjoyed.

Remember our rental service extends nationwide.


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In RENTAMOTORS We have different kinds of vehicles for your comfort and comfort where you will find the best car rental service in Guayaquil.

Alquiler de autos

Rent a Auto

alquiler de jeeps

Rent a Jeeps

Alquiler de camionetas

Rent a Trucks

Alquiler de Vans Guayaquil

Rent a Vans

This are our most rented cars

Rent a Car – RentaMotors – Guayaquil – Ecuador

Leading car rental company in Guayaquil with the best prices, renting a car with us you will receive the delivery of the vehicle in your home or office without surcharges, as well as GPS and a chair for your baby. Terms and conditions apply.

Your car rental in Guayaquil with RENTAMOTORS is your best option.

New Hyundai Accent

Rent Hyundai Accent 2018

Auto ByD (Automático)

Rent Auto ByD (T.A)

Chevrolet Cruze Sedán

Rent Chevrolet Cruze Sedán

Chevrolet Aveo Emotion

Rent Chevrolet Aveo Emotion


Nuestros jeeps y suv más alquilados en Guayaquil

Rent a Jeeps ó SUV Guayaquil – RentaMotors

RentaMotors have experts in customer service have a great experience in the car rental market in Guayaquil and a large fleet of vehicles such as cars, trucks, vans, vans.

Specialists in car rental SUV Automatic, with the cheapest price in the market.

Hyundai Tucson IX-35 (Automático)

Rent de Jeeps – SUV Hyundai Tucson IX-35

Rent a Jeeps – SUV Kia Sportage R (T.M-T.A)

Grand Vitara SZ Automático

Rent a Jeeps – SUV Grand Vitara SZ (T.A.)

Alquiler de Jeeps Grand Vitara SZ Mecánico

Rent Jeeps – SUV Grand Vitara SZ (T.M)


Nuestras camionetas más alquiladas en Guayaquil

Alquiler de Camionetas Guayaquil – RentaMotors

Nuestras tarifas económicas hacen que su renta de auto tenga un costo barato para que su estadía en Guayaquil – Ecuador sea lo más placentera. Disponemos de una amplia flota para la renta de carros, tales como Camionetas 4×4 – 4×2

Camioneta Ford F-150 Raptor 4WD 2018

Renta de camioneta Ford F-150 Raptor 2018

Camioneta Great Wall

Renta de camioneta Great Wall

Alquiler de Camioneta D-MAX (doble cabina) en Guayaquil

Renta de camioneta D-MAX (doble cabina)


Our most rented vans in Guayaquil

Rental of Vans Guayaquil – RentaMotors

Our offered units are subject to frequent mechanical checks that guarantee the proper functioning of the car rental we offer. We have a large fleet for the rental of cars, such as Vans of the year.

Alquiler de Vans Guayaquil

Retal o Vans Carnival 2017

Furgoneta Hyundai H1

Rental of Vans Hyundai H1


Alquiler de Autos – RentaMotors

Solo en RENTAMOTORS Rent a Car usted podrá encontrar autos del año de calidad a precios económicos. Servicio de alquiler de vehículos en Guayaquil.

En Guayaquil rentar carros es mas sencillo y garantizado gracias a RentaMotors empresa de Renta de Autos más segura y económica de Guayaquil Sin recargos ni sorpresas

RentaMotors en Guayaquil rent a car

We have a 24 hour service.

  • We always have Vehicles of the Year.
  • We welcome you at the airport.
  • Make your payments with: All credit cards, deposits.
  • The rates for car rental in Guayaquil with free Mileage apply from the third day of rental.
  • Car rental on the weekend: minimum 3 days. Applies km rate. Unlimited. Rental of vehicles with prices subject to change without prior notice. We offer special discounts for Ecuadorians residing in the USA at really cheap prices.

For car rental in Guayaquil and Hyundai H1 vans please communicate 48 hours in advance.

Rent a car in Ecuador

Rent a Car in Ecuador, Rentamotors is a company specialized in rental car in Guayaquil. We have a wide range of comfortable vehicles and in excellent mechanical conditions, the best prices on the market that make your stay in Ecuador an unforgettable trip.